Private Training

Train one-on-one and experience an exercise program specifically designed to meet your personal health and fitness goals. Excel Fitness’s individual training programs are customized to one’s personal needs. Your own personal Excel Fitness and Lifestyle Coach begins with a complete functional assessment and body composition analysis. From the results of your assessment, your consultant develops a unique strength and conditioning game plan based on your level and goals. The program builds strength from the inside out to the periphery of the body and also equalizes any weak links in the kinetic chain.


Benefits of Private Training

• Specialized coaching and a customized program tailored to your health, fitness and lifestyle goals
• Flexible schedule
• Motivation and ACCOUNTABILITY
• Reduced risk of Injury by ensuring proper form and technique and close monitoring of exercise execution.
• Overcome Plateaus to keep results coming
• See results fast! It’s all about YOU!


Training Rates vary from $24-$75 per session 

Youth Rates are now available! Clients <16 years old can train privately or semi-privately.  Train in groups of 4-8 and receive an even cheaper rate!


Semi-Private Training is also available! (2-3 clients) ... Training Rates vary from $21-$55 per person per session


Small Group Personal Training


Organize a group of at least 4 people for SGPT (2-6 times per week) and get YOUR sessions FREE!!!! These workouts are done in a group setting (10 clients MAX), which makes them FUN, MOTIVATING, and CHALLENGING, AND it keeps the cost of the training AFFORDABLE compared to private one-on-one personal training sessions. Our unstoppable fitness formula workouts are designed to SHED  your unwanted body FAT in the shortest amount of time possible while giving you MAXIMUM RESULTS under the supervision of qualified Fitness Coaches. Personalization is key to getting the best possible results, which is why our workout programs are modified to fit your goals and individual fitness level.


TRX Training


Excel Fitness & Lifestyle Consultants’ TRX training offers a full-body workout using the TRX workout system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. You’re in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise — because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance.

We use basic functional movement patterns like pushing, pulling, hinging, squatting, rotating, carrying and gait patterns (walking and running) every day. Functional training utilizes exercises that improve your movement proficiency in these primary patterns to give you an edge and enhance your performance so you can achieve your goals safely and with good health.


TRX is a functional training workout that improves:
• Strength (upper body, lower body, core)
• Stability
• Balance
• Flexibility
• Endurance
• Power
• Mobility
• Weight loss … Although, remember, “Abs are made in the kitchen!”


Nutrition Consulting


What kind of body do you really want? Women often say something like, “Oh, I just want a nice, toned body. Not TOO muscular, but firm.” Toned and firm, you say? Okay, sounds good to me. Men usually say something like, “I want to be big – muscular and strong.” Or, “I want to be lean, with fully defined abs.” Well, I’m with you. Both are great goals.
The point is, you know what you want to look like, so why don’t you look the way you want to look, right now?” What’s holding you back?

Is it a lack of motivation? Maybe. Excel Fitness has created our own Nutrition X programs, which will help you get started doing the right things to achieve results. You see, once you’ve started to change your body, you don’t need motivational slogans and pep talks. What you need are results. Results are the true motivation. When you’re doing something that works, you just look in the mirror and say, “Damn, I look good – this stuff really works.” That’s it. It’s a positive reinforcement of what you’ve been doing, and so you keep doing it.

Or perhaps it’s poor exercise habits? Sometimes, especially if you’re completely sedentary. If your daily activity involves nothing more than moving from one piece of furniture to another, you’re simply not going to get the body you want. Looking good naked requires intense exercise – and yes, that’s more than 30 minutes three times a week! But even so, I see lots of people who are already exercising – and many times even they aren’t getting the results they’re looking for. So in my experience, the limiting factor is almost always something else. But what else could it be? What’s really holding you back?


Another common excuse for not having the body of your dreams is bad genetics. Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is a definite NO. A complete cop-out.


So what could be holding you back from the body of your dreams??? Answer: Nutrition. Whether you want to gain muscle, lose fat, or just live healthy, the limiting factor is almost always nutrition.


Poor nutrition is what holds you back. And good nutrition is what will move you forward.


Benefits of good nutrition are:

• Feeds muscle, and assists in improved metabolic functioning (burn more calories at rest = burn fat)
• Improves almost every health marker you can measure (i.e., blood cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.)
• Improves exercise and sports performance
• Improves muscle recovery time from workouts
• Elevates mood and energy levels


Change your nutrition, and you’ll change your body entirely  

Excel Fitness and Lifestyle Consultants will teach you how to realistically fit healthy eating habits into your busy life. Our Nutrition X program is what works. Period.

Online Training & Nutrition Programs


We realize not everyone has the time or desire to work out at a gym or even get to our studio to train with us, so we have developed a service that is perfect for you! We can create workout and nutrition plans for you based on your individual needs and goals and schedule, without you having to even change out of your pajamas!  This can be done via "Skype" or "FaceTime" sessions with you to ensure we have clear communication and proper form and technique. 


This is a newer service we have started to offer which is very cool because you can work out from the comfort of your own home, hotel room or on a beach in Hawaii!   ... Basically ANYWHERE in the world you can get a wifi connection!

Corporate Training

Benefits of having a corporate wellness program for your business:

• Reduced absenteeism
• Reduced WSIB claims 
• Lowered health insurance costs
• Fewer sick days
• Increased performance and productivity

... And guess what – people start to LOVE their jobs! You end up with more energetic, dynamic, and happier employees and they end up with a job that fulfills them. It’s a win-win situation.


Our team has developed a corporate wellness program that can be customized to your business goals and objectives. We can work with your company to offer regulary fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching programs for your staff as well as offer lunch 'n' learns, seminars, and workshops for your business.

Whether you want to increase employee productivity, boost morale or reduce turn over, our Corporate Wellness programs can help your business reach your peak potential!

Sports Conditioning


Excel Fitness has a unique system of training. Excel Fitness focuses on training movement, not muscle. Our clients will develop efficient, quick, powerful, deceptive, and confident movement abilities that will translate into increased sport skills, tactics, and overall performance. Traditional methods of training, such as muscle isolation, machine based training, long, slow aerobic training, can all lead to injury and leave the body ill-prepared for the demands of sport and life.


Excel trains athletes through secondary fitness characteristics, developing anaerobic fitness, dynamic balance, speed, agility, quickness, multi directional movement skills, muscle reactivity, joint stability, whole body reaction skills, multi-joint strength, whole body power initiation, rotary core power, deceleration and other athletic attributes that contribute to making athletes more functional in their sport. Excel focuses on the integration of sport movement mechanics and posture, and the metabolic demands of games. In your most critical competitions, you never actually rise to the occasion; rather you sink to the level of your training!

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